Josh Martinez finally gets a Videofact grant – Thanks Classified

After 42 unsuccessful attempts across the Camobear Records family of artists, Josh Martinez, on a Classified beat, with a Skratch Bastid scratch chorus, finally received a grant for the anthemic “Going Back TO Hali” from Canada’s Number one rap record in the country, “THE WORLD FAMOUS SEX BUFFET”. That’s right ladies, Martinez has the number one rap record in Canada for the month of November, and is challenging a run of 5 weeks in a row at the top slot. I will fly back to Halifax over Xmas break, and film the video with Classified and Skratch Bastid, and hopefully we will book some kind of show together to showcase the Halifax heat for our home town to see together. This is, like, 30 years in the making. I actually can’t believe we did it. CAMOBEAR RECORDS, finally gets a Videofact Grant. KING ME KANADA!