Sex Buffet Pushed BACK!

The record did not come out on Sept. 16, and the release date came and went and the record is still not in stores. Not the dopest, but not really a big deal. The album got moved back to October cause the Chris Isaak Christmas albums hit the presses hotter, as did the Cher and T-Pain duets record featuring Snoop Dogg and Keith Urban. You can only whoop so much ass in one year, so I make this deal with you, the still vaguely interested passive potential consumer that you may turn out to be. The official album release date has been, the day before I leave for Europe. WE will celebrate together in North America, November and December, for I will be on the road then. Making friends and money, and apologizing for nothing. The album will be available on cd and double vinyl. We will have this available though our webstore as soon as it comes in, and we will make sure to let you know first.