Going Back To Hali VIDEO!!!

Booyaka shot. Shot in beautiful scenic Halifax, Nova Scotia, this homecoming video is directed by NE’s Cazhmere. The shoot brings Josh Martinez back from his West Coast Portland home, to visit family and shoot this special video in his hometown of Halifax, with fellow local legends, Classified and Skratch Bastid. Hanging out in their hometowns on the day after a big blizzard, the shoots were freezing but hilarious, and everyone on the crew handled it, and its definitely the most pro-looking Josh Martinez video ever shot. Thanks to the NE folks and all the extras, friends and good dance moves that came out. During the 2 day shoot, we shot at Citadel Hill, Pier 21, The Waterfront, and Bastid shot his DJ scenes on the Macdonald bridge, in the middle of a pedestrian walkway half way across the water between Halifax and Dartmouth. It was the most cold i’ve felt in my balls ever. The song is a play on LL Cool J’s ‘Going back to Cali…The video is shot with numerous scenes in tribute to the original. This video was shot with Videofact grants, meaning we got given money to make this masterpiece. And so we celebrate the first time in 42 attempts, that Josh Martinez has received a Videofact grant. Hazza!

Josh Martinez – Going Back to Hali w Classified, Skratch Bastid