It’s all Vegas now baby

Josh Martinez, urban folk hero, and last Canadian standing, has landed in the disgustingly hot, and morbidly sexy, world of Las Vegas, USA. In town to shoot the video forUnderground Pop, a collaboration with Moka Only, from the World Famous Sex Buffet album, Martinez has undergone a radical transformation from a drug and booze riddled  rapper into the drug and booze riddled iconic superhero of Gonzo, the almighty HST. With Moka playing the cigarette ashen, ether-soaked Samoan Attourney, this video will clearly outshine the rest of the videos combined.

Directed by world reknowned, famous nephew Stuey Kubrick, this video is a tour de force. Shot over two months, the initial day of shooting was shot in Vancouver prop-shop “Can-Am Warehouse”, on green screen, with a rented 1968 El Dorado drop top to film the car scenes in. Moka Only played the Attorney perfectly, rocking a mustache, and going open-shirt Hawaiian from the get go. The driving scenes in the the car are brilliant. Shot already nailed include the hotel check in, the 1oo miles from Barstow sequence, the giant lizards in the lobby, and something that Stuey set up with giant pigs and US flags everywhere…
The video’s second and crucial phase is the Vegas phase. I booked a show in Vegas for JUNE 3rd, to help offset the costs, and we are bringing in a small guerilla squad to outstrip the strip, killing the time and making music video history. With the help of our rented, cherry-red 1970 Cadillac DeVille drop-top with a 100 mile daily limit, we will we pick up the B-reels and backgrounds for the green screen as well as capture new scenes.  Scenes to be shot include “Bat Country”, a NIXON vs Hunter showdown in an off strip carnival, the Gary Busey scene, a trip to the gun range to fire some heavy weapons, and an outing for some good ol’fashioned horse/camel/goat racing (whatever is the weirdest thing we can find) featuring carnal debauchery throughout. Check out some of the screenshots from the initial Vancouver shoot. Playing the role of one of my personal heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, this was the greatest week of my life.