Josh Martinez & Pigeon John tour announcement!

“The Smorgasbord Tour” (Oct 22-Nov 10, 2009)

Self described “Lifestyle Enthusiast” JOSH MARTINEZ has joined forces with LA’s “Loveable Everyman” PIGEON JOHN to create a delightfully entertaining musical smorgasbord, ripe with searing rhymes, quirky humour and classic hip hop sounds. Touring across Canada, this is an upbeat Hip-Hop show featuring songs of human struggle and the eternal battle to find humor in truth. Accompanied by a bass player and DJ, and featuring talented local opening acts, this show has something for everyone.

JOSH Martinez, proud Canadian, and 10 year international tour veteran, is crossing his native land in support of his newest release entitled, “The World Famous Sex Buffet” (Camobear Records). Featuring Canadian superheroes Classified, Mother Mother, Skratch Bastid, as well as internationals Devin the Dude, Sleep and Awol One, The Sex Buffet record was the #1 Hip Hop record on Canadian college radio charts for twelve straight weeks after its release in Oct 2008. One of the songs from that album—“Goin’ Back to Hali,” featuring Skratch Bastid and Classified, and shot in Halifax last winter—has received extensive play on Much Music and Musique Plus.

PIGEON JOHN, brings his signature blend of wit, charisma and undeniable stage presence to his catchy and clever songs. Fresh from his latest project “Summertime Pool Party (Quannum Records), featuring MTVU hit Freaks! Freaks!. Touring the nation 8 times over, Pigeon John has earned his veteran status, using a clever balance of self-deprecating humor and confidence to rock any crowd, any stage. His boundless energy seduces crowds making ladies swoon and fellas embrace their geek appeal.

So whether you wanna get down and dirty at the World Famous Sex Buffet, or take a plunge in the shark infested waters of the Summertime Pool Party, “This is entertainment – Pure and simple”. (Vice)


If you would like to set up an interview via phone or in person please contact: Tour Manager, Mat Keller, by email: Thank you!

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