Trickle Down Trauma, Sex Buffet’s Seventh Serving

Josh Martinez and Stuey Kubrick reunite for a return to small town disaster-ville…This song is the 7th video from Josh Martinez’s latest album – The World Famous Sex Buffet (available now at

Trickle Down Trauma (Music Video)

Story: A guy mows lawns on the daily to make enough money to get smashed to forget the loss of his lady, who left him for another man. Remember Ryan Jenkins, the guy who killed his wife and chopped her up after appearing on some reality TV show? Yeah, well he hung himself in the very motel that we shot in this video. Set in Hope, BC, home of Rambo – First Blood, this video has all the makings of a classic weirdo downer SPLITSVILLE special. The Kubrick touch is evident throughout…smoke, burning, eclectic local characters, and a sense of serenity and sadness mixed with a Surf and Turf erotica vibe. What?