Underground POP

Get ready for some Camobear and Loathing: The Underground POP video is finally here. Underground POP is the kind of music Josh Martinez was born to make. Stealing the catchy hooks and song structures of pop music and perverting the means using subversive messaging, Martinez leaves listeners with epic anthems of lavish excess and punk rock honesty.

In this brand new FACTOR sponsored video, Josh Martinez hooks up with reclusive pervert director Stuey Kubrick, nephew of Stanley, to shoot the 8th video fromThe World Famous Sex Buffet, entitled “Underground Pop“. This is their third video for this album (See Trickle Down Trauma, and R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y.) AND IS surely the best one yet. This epic video is based on the Hunter S. Thompson classic Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

Starring Josh Martinez as the drug and booze riddled gonzo-journalist and accompanied by Moka Only (fka  Swollen Members), the loose-cannon, drunk uncle lawyer, the video was shot over 3 months between Las Vegas, Vancouver and a bathtub of an abandoned motel in Chilliwack.

In an unusually ugly turn of events, Martinez chose his birthday to shave his head in the manner of a balding 40 year old man, to offer a more method portrayal of hero Hunter S. Thompson. Said Martinez: “There’s a lot of ways you can shit the bed when portraying an icon. We just tried to go the extra mile, do it respectfully, and do it as true to the original spirit as possible.”

The final touches were splatter animations in the Ralph Steadman spirit and this brilliant video proves why the album was ranked #1 on Canadian music charts for three months straight and is deserving of your full, undivided attention. And FOR GODSAKES CANADA, give Josh Martinez his Juno nod.

we appreciate you taking the time to view the video and feel free to pass it on with the following link