Martinez does The Chicharones!

The Spring has arrived in the Northwest USA, and so now I garden. When its music time, aka business time, i’m focusing all my time these days on theChicharones. I’ve been neglecting theJosh Martinez lifestyle, and these things happen. Rest assured i’m working on making great songs in my little cave in the cut, and there is new Josh Martinez music in the works, as long as the Canadian government crowns me again with their financial approval. With the Chicharones, Me and Sleep are now finished with Swine Flew Over the Coocoo’s Nest, the double opus opus that everyone will love and make love on. It is our best work for sure and it will come out in the Fall. We will be touring the whole west side of the USA this summer. We are the OOFFICIAL Kings of the Small Market. Tour dates will be up soon.

For Now, Go Get A Free Chicharones Album featuring 11 great songs from the Chicharones 10 year catalog, and with a brand new song called Hi Hey Hello, from the NEW ALBUM. its on some Grizzly Bear/Beach Boys sounds. Its way out there, and i think, one of the best songs we’ve ever made. Smash Hit Maybe? Please don’t forget about thejosh. I’ll make something relevant soon, whether if its a finished Pissed Off Wild album, or smashing out a 15 minute mega mix of 12 songs all set to Stuey Kubrick video movie, to be rocked in the live environment, somehow. Life is strange. People are stranger.