How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the songs.

“The People’s Champ is one of the most diverse artists in the music game, surpassing the limitations of indie hip hop by pursuing an innovative hybrid of clever pop melodies, layered intelligent raps, and a sense of style that borrows from everywhere and sounds like nothing else.”
– (CBC)

JoshMartinez-Studio-Sapient1As an entertainer, Josh Martinez is one of the best. Bringing confidence, urgency and a comedic touch that has converted disbelievers and brought down houses for a decade. He has opened and headlined major festivals in every location imaginable: solo, with a band and with the legendary duo, The Chicharones (The ‘Best Bar Band in North America’ – Spin). He has toured and performed with the who’s who of indie music phenoms: Macklemore, Pretty Lights, Atmosphere, Classified, Shad K, Streetlight Manifesto and too many more to count.

It hasn’t all been easy, and after the madness of his World Famous Sex Buffet Martinez went Blotto.

Martinez left his home in Canada, on a quest for opportunity, a clean slate and the pursuit of the American Dream. He lands in the endless gray of the Pacific Northwest, starting over with nothing but a penchant for self-destruction and a handful of friends and enemies.

Ever the workaholic, he threw himself fully into the grind. Endless tour schedules on his own and with his group The Chicharones. Months packed away in studio sessions, multiple album campaigns, building and managing the roster of Camobear Records, navigating deals, broken promises and pivotal relationships lost in the wake. Blotto.

The Josh Martinez you know is a memory, a Polaroid in some faded family album. He’s lost his appetite for the buffet, jaded on midriffs and princesses. The man has journeyed through his own deep abyss and returned with vengeful fervor. He’s back to let you know about the journey, the joy and the sense of humor he finds in the darkness.

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