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“Ashes” Official video by Stuey Kubrick

The video gives viewers a sneak peak into the world of the Artist on the Road, trying to find Truth amid the chaos and confusion of Tour Life. We follow Martinez as he fights to follow his Dreams, while keeping the Love of his Life, in his life. His girl’s at the end of her rope – angry and pissed at the betrayal, both real and perceived. Being left at home while Martinez pursues his Dream, kisses the girls, and makes everyone cry, is not gonna fly.

Martinez, unable to stop himself from doing what he does best – kill raps and rock shows – is torn between the Life of the Road and the Safety of Home. Sometimes we hit a breaking point and have to make a choice. You can’t have both. Sometimes there is no choice but to Burn the whole thing Down…to Ashes. Directed by Stuey Kubrick. Song co-produced by Stuey Kubrick and Sapient.

“Blotto” Pre-Order Available Now

Blotto Cover Digital

Would you sell your Soul for the chance to be remembered? Will you chase that chance against all odds, despite the costs to those you love? Will you turn your back on your Hopes and Dreams OR on the People you Love?  Five years after the enormous success of Josh Martinez’ last solo album, The World Famous Sex Buffet, our mustachioed bandit is back with a brand new epic tale of heartbreak, destruction and redemption (maybe). The album is about the pursuit of The Dream, the End of the Party, and The Mess that’s left behind. Blotto!

Pre-Order Here:

Honest, human and often hilarious is Blotto. Co-produced by legendary director and producer, Stuey Kubrick, and songwriting savant, Sapient, Blotto features guest appearances from Ceschi, Stevie Ross, Sapient and Evil Ebenezer.  Martinez is no motivational speaker, instead he takes a documentary crew into his most private thoughts as he is seduced by fame and destroyed by the loves he has to leave for the road. Weaving epic musicality with a master storyteller’s instinct, the production is layered and melodic, the lyrics biting and raw, and Martinez voice, broken and uplifting.


On-line: 10/29/13

In-Stores: 11/19/13

6th annual chicharones sxsw boat party

SXSW 2013 Show Schedule

You can almost smell the BBQ and Lone Star in the air, it’s that time of year The Chicharones head down to the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. This year the schedule is full of shows for everyday of the music week, as well as our 6th Annual SXSW Boat Party and a show in San Marcos, TX to round it out. Check out the schedule below and follow our social medias for the most up to date info. &


– Tuesday March 12th
2908 Fruth St Austin, TX 78705

– Tuesday March 12th
Trophy Club
310 E 6th St, Austin, TX
w/ Sapient

– Wednesday March 13th
The Grackle
1700 E 6th St, Austin, TX
w/ Sapient

– Thursday March 14th
VEVO tv Control Room
304 W 4th St Austin, TX
w/ Dead Prez @ 9:25 pm

-Thursday March 14th
So Gnar Party
Address TBA

-Saturday March 16th
Pawn Takes King 2013
2200 S. Pleasant Valley Austin, TX
w/ Sapient

-Saturday March 16th
Spider House Cafe
2908 Fruth St. Austin, TX
Sleep Of Oldominion/Chicharones (solo set)

– Sunday March 17th
6th Annual SXSW Boat Party
Highland Lakes Marina
16120 Wharf Cove, Volente, TX
w/ Sapient – 3pm
Click Here For Tickets
– Monday March 18th
Triple Crown
206 N Edward Gary Street
San Marcos, TX

Por Que? (Pork Eh?) Free Mixtape DL

The Chicharones have wrapped up recording their upcoming album “Swine Flew” and to celebrate the fruits of their labors they decided to create and release the brand new absolutely free mixtape “Por Que (Pork, Eh?)“. This time around Josh & Sleep were on tour with nothing but stolen mixtapes and work out jams to write to. A mash-up of classic and mainstream instrumentals, all re-imagined and re-written with the original Chicharones flavor.

Por Que? (Pork Eh?)

Josh Martinez – Pissed Off Wild album OUT NOW!

You’ve heard rumors, maybe even seen the madness live, but finally, after years of perfecting the blend, Josh Martinez is ready to present THE PISSED OFF WILD. GO TO Camobear Records right now and pick it up on digital or in the physical version. We have even have signed versions…

After 5 years of uninhibited disappointment, setbacks, failure, fire, raining frogs, garbage strikes, Stephen Harper, Roofies and sexually transmitted innuendo, the PISSED OFF WILD album has made its way into the oozing viscuous puss of the modern era. Started five years ago in Vancouver, BC, when Martinez was full of chutzpah, ample virginity and the full breasted lifestyle of a young hungry dreamer, The Pissed Off Wild album is a triumph of tribulations.

The album is a testament to finishing something destined for historic revision, an incredible musical journey that five years ago was cutting edge and to this day is still ahead of the curve of 99% of the new indie rap game. The one rule was that each song could not have more than 2 verses of rap and most have significantly less. It moves from minimal punk fight songs, to drunk Irish singalongs, to gorgeous melancholy heartache that sounds like the Black Keys at their best.