Chicharones back on the road!

Chicharones start touring again as they finish their new masterpiece of an album. Having just finished playing the NBA Portland Trailblazers Halftime Show on March 17, The Chicharones are buzzing harder than termites in a whiskey barrel. Take a look at our lives. Are your balls anywhere near this big? Playing with FT Collins group Los Guyz, this is sure to be a great time. Ill be keeping a firm eye on my Portland Trailblazers as it is getting towards playoff time, and seeds are up for grabs. let us not end up in the hands of the Lake Show in the first round.

April 1 – Boise, ID @ The Reef
April 2 – Sun Valley, ID @ Whiskey Jacques
April 5 – Missoula, MT @ The Top Hat
April 6 – Livingston, MT @ The Z-Barn
April 7 – Bozeman, MT @ Zebra Cocktail Lounge
April 9 – Whitefish, MT @ The Craggy Range

Martinez does The Chicharones!

The Spring has arrived in the Northwest USA, and so now I garden. When its music time, aka business time, i’m focusing all my time these days on theChicharones. I’ve been neglecting theJosh Martinez lifestyle, and these things happen. Rest assured i’m working on making great songs in my little cave in the cut, and there is new Josh Martinez music in the works, as long as the Canadian government crowns me again with their financial approval. With the Chicharones, Me and Sleep are now finished with Swine Flew Over the Coocoo’s Nest, the double opus opus that everyone will love and make love on. It is our best work for sure and it will come out in the Fall. We will be touring the whole west side of the USA this summer. We are the OOFFICIAL Kings of the Small Market. Tour dates will be up soon.

For Now, Go Get A Free Chicharones Album featuring 11 great songs from the Chicharones 10 year catalog, and with a brand new song called Hi Hey Hello, from the NEW ALBUM. its on some Grizzly Bear/Beach Boys sounds. Its way out there, and i think, one of the best songs we’ve ever made. Smash Hit Maybe? Please don’t forget about thejosh. I’ll make something relevant soon, whether if its a finished Pissed Off Wild album, or smashing out a 15 minute mega mix of 12 songs all set to Stuey Kubrick video movie, to be rocked in the live environment, somehow. Life is strange. People are stranger.

SXSW 2010 or Bust

Howdy pardners! It’s that time again… when all the ace high folks in town put on their best bib and tucker, and gear up for a hog killin good time

That’s right. Camobear Records is heading to Austin, TX to kick some ass at the biggest music festival in North America, South By SouthWest 2010! Scheduled to attend and perform on behalf of the CamoBear family are: The Chicharones, Josh Martinez & the Pissed Off Wild, Sleep and the Lymph Notes, The Insects, Onry Ozzborn with Grayskul and Dark Time Sunshine (whose new record “Vessel” releases on Fake Four Inc. this April).
Our boys are bustin outta their boots with excitement, and gettin ready to ambush the Lone Star State with their fine as cream gravy rhymes and innovative live band lifestyles. Don’t miss it!

SXSW 2010 Schedule
Wedesday, March 17th @ 1am – The Chicharones w/ The Insects at Touche
Thursday, March 18 at 9:20 p.m – Josh Martinez at Club 115
Friday March 19th at 12am – The Chicharones at Karma Lounge,
Saturday, March 20th at 9pm Sleep at Palm Door

Boat Party
This years annual boat party is taking place at the Highland Lakes Marina, as a wrap up for SXSW, on Sunday March 21st. Get tickets at before it’s too late!
The Chicharones will be rocking with a full live band and showcasing songs from the new record. Also on the bill are Solillaquists Of Sound, Afro Classics, Killah Priest and Notion, Blueprint and Illogic, as well as The Insects.

I Heart Canada

For Everything the Olympics did to my latent patriotism and more. What an amazing time. Vancouver was fun for the first time in my recorded memory. For now, that is all…Played the Bobsled runs, multiple Whistler clubs, and the Fire and Ice Master show at the base of Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain for 10,000 confused screaming foreigners, who were drunk on medals and good cheer (and also lots of booze).

Underground POP

Get ready for some Camobear and Loathing: The Underground POP video is finally here. Underground POP is the kind of music Josh Martinez was born to make. Stealing the catchy hooks and song structures of pop music and perverting the means using subversive messaging, Martinez leaves listeners with epic anthems of lavish excess and punk rock honesty.

In this brand new FACTOR sponsored video, Josh Martinez hooks up with reclusive pervert director Stuey Kubrick, nephew of Stanley, to shoot the 8th video fromThe World Famous Sex Buffet, entitled “Underground Pop“. This is their third video for this album (See Trickle Down Trauma, and R.E.S.P.O.N.S.I.B.I.L.I.T.Y.) AND IS surely the best one yet. This epic video is based on the Hunter S. Thompson classic Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas.

Starring Josh Martinez as the drug and booze riddled gonzo-journalist and accompanied by Moka Only (fka  Swollen Members), the loose-cannon, drunk uncle lawyer, the video was shot over 3 months between Las Vegas, Vancouver and a bathtub of an abandoned motel in Chilliwack.

In an unusually ugly turn of events, Martinez chose his birthday to shave his head in the manner of a balding 40 year old man, to offer a more method portrayal of hero Hunter S. Thompson. Said Martinez: “There’s a lot of ways you can shit the bed when portraying an icon. We just tried to go the extra mile, do it respectfully, and do it as true to the original spirit as possible.”

The final touches were splatter animations in the Ralph Steadman spirit and this brilliant video proves why the album was ranked #1 on Canadian music charts for three months straight and is deserving of your full, undivided attention. And FOR GODSAKES CANADA, give Josh Martinez his Juno nod.

we appreciate you taking the time to view the video and feel free to pass it on with the following link


Josh Martinez & Pigeon John tour announcement!

“The Smorgasbord Tour” (Oct 22-Nov 10, 2009)

Self described “Lifestyle Enthusiast” JOSH MARTINEZ has joined forces with LA’s “Loveable Everyman” PIGEON JOHN to create a delightfully entertaining musical smorgasbord, ripe with searing rhymes, quirky humour and classic hip hop sounds. Touring across Canada, this is an upbeat Hip-Hop show featuring songs of human struggle and the eternal battle to find humor in truth. Accompanied by a bass player and DJ, and featuring talented local opening acts, this show has something for everyone.

JOSH Martinez, proud Canadian, and 10 year international tour veteran, is crossing his native land in support of his newest release entitled, “The World Famous Sex Buffet” (Camobear Records). Featuring Canadian superheroes Classified, Mother Mother, Skratch Bastid, as well as internationals Devin the Dude, Sleep and Awol One, The Sex Buffet record was the #1 Hip Hop record on Canadian college radio charts for twelve straight weeks after its release in Oct 2008. One of the songs from that album—“Goin’ Back to Hali,” featuring Skratch Bastid and Classified, and shot in Halifax last winter—has received extensive play on Much Music and Musique Plus.

PIGEON JOHN, brings his signature blend of wit, charisma and undeniable stage presence to his catchy and clever songs. Fresh from his latest project “Summertime Pool Party (Quannum Records), featuring MTVU hit Freaks! Freaks!. Touring the nation 8 times over, Pigeon John has earned his veteran status, using a clever balance of self-deprecating humor and confidence to rock any crowd, any stage. His boundless energy seduces crowds making ladies swoon and fellas embrace their geek appeal.

So whether you wanna get down and dirty at the World Famous Sex Buffet, or take a plunge in the shark infested waters of the Summertime Pool Party, “This is entertainment – Pure and simple”. (Vice)


If you would like to set up an interview via phone or in person please contact: Tour Manager, Mat Keller, by email: Thank you!

More info available at:

Trickle Down Trauma, Sex Buffet’s Seventh Serving

Josh Martinez and Stuey Kubrick reunite for a return to small town disaster-ville…This song is the 7th video from Josh Martinez’s latest album – The World Famous Sex Buffet (available now at

Trickle Down Trauma (Music Video)

Story: A guy mows lawns on the daily to make enough money to get smashed to forget the loss of his lady, who left him for another man. Remember Ryan Jenkins, the guy who killed his wife and chopped her up after appearing on some reality TV show? Yeah, well he hung himself in the very motel that we shot in this video. Set in Hope, BC, home of Rambo – First Blood, this video has all the makings of a classic weirdo downer SPLITSVILLE special. The Kubrick touch is evident throughout…smoke, burning, eclectic local characters, and a sense of serenity and sadness mixed with a Surf and Turf erotica vibe. What?

It’s all Vegas now baby

Josh Martinez, urban folk hero, and last Canadian standing, has landed in the disgustingly hot, and morbidly sexy, world of Las Vegas, USA. In town to shoot the video forUnderground Pop, a collaboration with Moka Only, from the World Famous Sex Buffet album, Martinez has undergone a radical transformation from a drug and booze riddled  rapper into the drug and booze riddled iconic superhero of Gonzo, the almighty HST. With Moka playing the cigarette ashen, ether-soaked Samoan Attourney, this video will clearly outshine the rest of the videos combined.

Directed by world reknowned, famous nephew Stuey Kubrick, this video is a tour de force. Shot over two months, the initial day of shooting was shot in Vancouver prop-shop “Can-Am Warehouse”, on green screen, with a rented 1968 El Dorado drop top to film the car scenes in. Moka Only played the Attorney perfectly, rocking a mustache, and going open-shirt Hawaiian from the get go. The driving scenes in the the car are brilliant. Shot already nailed include the hotel check in, the 1oo miles from Barstow sequence, the giant lizards in the lobby, and something that Stuey set up with giant pigs and US flags everywhere…
The video’s second and crucial phase is the Vegas phase. I booked a show in Vegas for JUNE 3rd, to help offset the costs, and we are bringing in a small guerilla squad to outstrip the strip, killing the time and making music video history. With the help of our rented, cherry-red 1970 Cadillac DeVille drop-top with a 100 mile daily limit, we will we pick up the B-reels and backgrounds for the green screen as well as capture new scenes.  Scenes to be shot include “Bat Country”, a NIXON vs Hunter showdown in an off strip carnival, the Gary Busey scene, a trip to the gun range to fire some heavy weapons, and an outing for some good ol’fashioned horse/camel/goat racing (whatever is the weirdest thing we can find) featuring carnal debauchery throughout. Check out some of the screenshots from the initial Vancouver shoot. Playing the role of one of my personal heroes, Hunter S. Thompson, this was the greatest week of my life.

Going Back To Hali VIDEO!!!

Booyaka shot. Shot in beautiful scenic Halifax, Nova Scotia, this homecoming video is directed by NE’s Cazhmere. The shoot brings Josh Martinez back from his West Coast Portland home, to visit family and shoot this special video in his hometown of Halifax, with fellow local legends, Classified and Skratch Bastid. Hanging out in their hometowns on the day after a big blizzard, the shoots were freezing but hilarious, and everyone on the crew handled it, and its definitely the most pro-looking Josh Martinez video ever shot. Thanks to the NE folks and all the extras, friends and good dance moves that came out. During the 2 day shoot, we shot at Citadel Hill, Pier 21, The Waterfront, and Bastid shot his DJ scenes on the Macdonald bridge, in the middle of a pedestrian walkway half way across the water between Halifax and Dartmouth. It was the most cold i’ve felt in my balls ever. The song is a play on LL Cool J’s ‘Going back to Cali…The video is shot with numerous scenes in tribute to the original. This video was shot with Videofact grants, meaning we got given money to make this masterpiece. And so we celebrate the first time in 42 attempts, that Josh Martinez has received a Videofact grant. Hazza!

Josh Martinez – Going Back to Hali w Classified, Skratch Bastid

SXSW Canada Raps

Wow. Thanks to Matt Sonzala for having the vision and clout to put together the best hip-hop showcase Canada has ever exported. This is pretty much the top of the class, the best of the best. Canada has been handling itself exceptionally well against the odds of the whole being Canadian thing. Some of the best ‘rappers’ in Canada who have already graduated to the biggs, with a career, their own audience and unique style: Maestro, K’naan, Kardinal, Swollen Members, K-os, Buck 65. And everybody not on that list is here. Research anyone on our showcase and you’ll find scene veterans from every part of the country, all with a sound, a following and a live show that kills, so i‘m proud to be apart of this veteran lineup. On Friday March 20, at the Music Gym, we will be absolutely crushing the sets, one after the other. Come and join us for an ale and check out the best dudes in Canada right now. Friday, March 20 @ Austin Music Gym Music Gym and Lounge – 815 E. Sixth St., Austin, TX 08:00 PM Peer Pressure 08:30 PM D.O. 09:00 PM More Or Les 09:30 PM Grand Analog 10:00 PM Keys N Krates 10:40 PM Moka Only + Def 3 11:15 PM Josh Martinez 11:55 PM Shad 12:30 AM Classified 01:15 AM Cadence Weapon