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“Blotto” Pre-Order Available Now

Blotto Cover Digital

Would you sell your Soul for the chance to be remembered? Will you chase that chance against all odds, despite the costs to those you love? Will you turn your back on your Hopes and Dreams OR on the People you Love?  Five years after the enormous success of Josh Martinez’ last solo album, The World Famous Sex Buffet, our mustachioed bandit is back with a brand new epic tale of heartbreak, destruction and redemption (maybe). The album is about the pursuit of The Dream, the End of the Party, and The Mess that’s left behind. Blotto!

Pre-Order Here: http://bit.ly/JM-Blotto

Honest, human and often hilarious is Blotto. Co-produced by legendary director and producer, Stuey Kubrick, and songwriting savant, Sapient, Blotto features guest appearances from Ceschi, Stevie Ross, Sapient and Evil Ebenezer.  Martinez is no motivational speaker, instead he takes a documentary crew into his most private thoughts as he is seduced by fame and destroyed by the loves he has to leave for the road. Weaving epic musicality with a master storyteller’s instinct, the production is layered and melodic, the lyrics biting and raw, and Martinez voice, broken and uplifting.


On-line: 10/29/13

In-Stores: 11/19/13